The Best Styles of Dress for Each Body Type

Every body is different. The way a dress fits your body will be different from the way it looks on a model in a catalog or on a mannequin in a store. Knowing what sort of looks work best with your body type can go a long way in assembling a fashion-forward wardrobe that you can be proud of.

Having an hourglass body shape means that your bust and hips are wider than your waist, which curves inward like an hourglass. This body type’s proportionality makes it extremely versatile. You can get away with pretty much anything! Form-fitting dresses are especially fun for ladies with an hourglass figure because they really show off those gorgeous curves. An hourglass-shaped body also pairs well with belts, which help to accentuate the waist. Dresses with plunging necklines that draw attention to the bust line are also good options.

In women with pear-shaped bodies, the shoulders and top half of the body are narrower in comparison to the hips, butt, and thighs. A-line dresses are a great fit for these body types. They slim the hips while highlighting the waist in a flattering way. You can also wear dresses with a flared bottom to keep it simple up top and draw more attention to your lower body.

You know you have an inverted triangle shaped body if you have wider shoulders than you do hips. Dresses made with material that stretches will help to prevent you from having to struggle with trying to fit into something that is too tight up top and not tight enough at the waist. A dress with a cinched waist and a pegged skirt helps create a balance between the shoulders and hips while drawing the eye to a well-defined waistline.

A woman with apple-shaped bodies usually have a wider upper body and torso, waist, and bust. Dresses with V-necks can make your torso look longer and balance the look of a wider torso. An empire cut can also cinch the waist while creating the illusion of an outward curve at the hip. Any dress with a tie or belt around the waist will help to further define your waistline, so avoid dresses that drape or flow too much.

If you’re not sure which of these categories you fall into, or you’re still unsure about the style of dress that best flatters your shape, then let the professional stylists at Scout & Molly’s Boutique of Pinecrest help you. We’ll work with you to identify what works for your specific shape and help you find the clothes you look and feel your best in. Once you find what works best for your body type, you’ll be amazed at how easy and comfortable it can be to feel confident in your own skin. Don’t waste any more time wearing the wrong style for your body shape – give us a visit today!

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