Thanksgiving Outfits: From Modern to Cozy

There are a number of looks or statements you can pull off during the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all have their various strengths and weaknesses as far as fashion goes. But just as important to some people is comfort and coziness, especially in the places it gets really cold and/or damp.

That’s why our family at Scout & Molly’s Boutique wanted to offer a quick and simple little guide to give you a few ideas for your perfect Turkey Day ensemble:

Sweater and Spanx Camo Leggings

A Casual Outing
For a relaxed atmosphere gathering such as at yours or a family member or friend’s home, go with an outfit that reflects the casual environment. Something along the lines of a cropped sweatshirt or nice looking hoodie, boyfriend jeans, and laid back (but warm) footwear would be perfect.

Island Spirits
Just because the temperature outside is falling doesn’t mean that you have to give in to the season. You can be fun and festive with tropical island print, wide-legged pants. Add a casual jacket and accessorize with your favorite island-inspired jewelry to help raise the temperature inside!

Individualistic & Minimalistic
For more formal or elegant Thanksgiving affairs, a sleek and toned down look is very fashionable this year.

Cuteness and Comfort
In the event your gathering is with a smaller group of close family, or even a romantic one with just you and your partner, a cozy sweater with skinny jeans or yoga pants (temperature permitting) and a pair of boots will do nicely.

So to come get a better look at all of our Thanksgiving and fall fashions, stop by and see us at Scout and Molly’s Boutique in the Shops at Legacy Center located at 7201 Bishop Road, Suite E12, in Plano. You also reach us by phone by dialing 972-426-8773. Don’t miss out on all of these stylish and chic clothing and accessories, the holidays are here!

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