5 Little Black Dress Ideas for Your Halloween Party

Why buy a Halloween costume that dozens of other people may wear to your party? Move over, Holly Golightly! Halloween is a time for thinking outside the box, and luckily, I have more than a few suggestions for a little black dress.

Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress


Everyone remembers Princess’s Diana’s so-called revenge dress — an off-the-shoulder affair that hugged her hips and showed off her great neckline. The asymmetrical hem also flattered her long legs.

Nina’s Dress From “Black Swan”


Feel like channeling the ballet? I recommend a ballerina-inspired little black dress so you can dance around your Halloween party as Nina from the thriller “Black Swan.”

Morticia’s Dress From “The Addams Family”


Morticia Adams is a rocking female role model, so she’s a great lady to go as for Halloween. Plus, her floor-length black gown is to die for.

The Coven’s Dresses From “The Craft”


The fashion in the movie “The Craft” was dark and beautiful. You could really dress as any of the characters with no problem. Grab a skin-tight black dress Halloween costume to go as Nancy, or try a loose button-down dress to be Bonnie.

Mrs. Smith’s Dress From “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”


While I’m still mourning the loss of power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, you can celebrate the high point of their love by dressing as Jolie’s sexy character from “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

Don’t Be Spooked — Scout & Molly’s Is Here to Help

No matter who you choose to be for Halloween, I have you covered. Shop Scout & Molly’s Quarry Village today to score just the dress you need to win the best costume award!

Don Meyer, Owner of Scout & Molly's Quarry Village

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