Spring 2019 Fashion Goals

Spring of 2019 is just around the corner and you know what that means! Quarry Village ‘s winter pieces will be going on sale and the spring fling wardrobe affair will commence!

Spring cleaning is all about repurposing those old—but beloved—pieces in your closet with a fresh, new style. This repurposing is so easy to do with just a few new pieces to add flair to what you already have. Whether you have a personal stylist to help you with this, or you simply love to add some flair of your own, Scout and Molly’s at Quarry Village is here for you. By providing professional advice and some of the best new brands on the market, our lines are sure to breathe new life into your spring wardrobe. So without further ado, let’s introduce some of the newest women’s clothing pieces you’re sure to fall madly in love with.

Peasant Blouses are all the rage in Women’s Clothing this year. This nude Joy Joy top features delicate lacing and beautiful draping which cascades over a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Pairing the solid nude with white Parker Smith denim is sure to make an elegant statement whether you wear sandals, flats, or heels. To bring it all home, the circular pendant of the Amy Joy necklace pulls the outfit together in a classy, breezy fashion that is sure to please all spring long. And of course, the lightweight fabrics are lovely for the gently warming weather.

Blue pinstripe is a staple classic which goes brilliantly with pants, skirts, tops, and of course, dresses. This lovely shift by Jade features wide sleeves and a loose bodice to provide you with plenty of comfort as you go about your day. The lovely crochet sleeve detail adds a bit of elegant trend to this classic look. This update makes Jade’s dress a beautiful spring standard. Pairing it with the large, brown Melie Bianco purse and the simple silver Gorjana necklace makes this lovely piece a winner all around.

A plain white tee is necessary to complete any wardrobe. However, plain and white does not mean it has to be boring. The white Zadig and Voltaire tee features a hand-painted golden trim which adds a bit of metallic shine to a simple look. This means the tee is ideal for wear with skirts or pants in both professional and casual settings. Pairing the Zadig and Voltaire tee with a pair of olive and gold Black Orchid joggers creates a wonderfully chic but casual look which is sure to turn heads. Accessorize with the silver Gorjana necklace and the brown Mellie purse, and you’ve got a perfect look which absolutely proclaims spring.

As any of our personal stylists will tell you, the fashions of spring 2019 are fresh, exciting and new. Yet, these fashions build on the traditions of the decades before us to make every piece we already have totally updatable. The savvy woman knows how to upcycle her wardrobe while still adding in new staple pieces every year.

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