What to Wear This Thanksgiving Day

There are so many options that one has when it comes to picking the perfect outfit
for your Thanksgiving Day plans. But deciding what to wear depends heavily on the type of get-together you will be attending. That’s why your friends at Scout & Molly’s Boutique wanted to throw our two cents into the conversation and maybe help someone out there who isn’t quite sure what look to sport at which event:

Black Tape Clothing at Scout & Molly's Boutique

Formal and Dressy:
There are a lot of options here, and they can vary greatly depending on what type of weather conditions you are dealing with. Thanksgiving in the Midwest or New England States is quite different than the Southwest. Anything from a little black dress with a heavy overcoat to sleek ensembles featuring slacks and elegant sweaters can work.

Relaxed and Cozy:
For the laid back gathering of close family and/or good friends, go simple with your favorite pair of comfy (and stretchy?) jeans, a cute but relaxed sweater or hoodie, and dressed up sneakers or functional boots and you’re set!

Set Your Own Tone:
If you aren’t sure what exactly it is you are looking for, how about just creating a free-flowing look filled with autumn colors and neutral shades and blends? You can tone it up or down with your jewelry and accessory choices.

If you still just can’t decide which direction to go when it comes to your Thanksgiving fashion and style this autumn, then come see us here at Scout & Molly’s Boutique Quarry Village. We are easy to find when you come to 280 E Basse Road, Suite 107, in San Antonio.

If you can’t make it out right now, but would still like to talk with one of our style experts about what else we have to offer, simply call us at 210-598-0067. But don’t wait too much longer; the holidays are right on top of us!

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