Trend Alert: Thermals

Welcome to almost Spring! We hope everyone had a spectacular holiday season and a great start to the new year! Like many of you, we look in our closets and get confused about what to wear during this transitional weather period. It can be difficult to find pieces that keep us warm during the 45-degree mornings and help us stay cool when it becomes 75-degrees by the afternoon! Don’t worry, there’s a great solution trending; thermal and fleece-ish tops and dresses!

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Fifteen Twenty, Tart, and Stateside have great options in-store that are cozy and easy to layer, but as it warms up, they are solid stand-alone pieces. Pair the waffle tops with a jean jacket and a legging with a cute bootie! As it gets warmer, take the jean jacket off and tie it around your waist to keep your outfit put together and incorporating the denim element to play off the thermal shirt! Easy enough, right?

The fleecy tops are just as simple! Because they are already insulated, throw on a distressed jean, dark or light, and front tuck! Voila, you’re ready for the day! If they have a loud print, we recommend this type of outfit to keep the “wow factor” strictly to the fleeced lined piece and to not overwhelm the body.

Dresses…the worst garment to wear when it’s cold…think again! The dress featured by Fifteen Twenty is fleeced on the inside and with its faux pockets, there is no extra bulk. Adding a tight and boot or bootie will be great to keep the legs and feet warm, especially in the morning.

We are here to help make your life fashionable with minimal effort! Try these tips to see what you think! Tag us in your thermal and fleecy fashion on Instagram or Facebook @scoutandmollysquarryvillage.

Like the pieces featured? Message us for sizing, and availability or stop by our women’s clothing store in San Antonio, TX!

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