2020 Fashion New Year’s Resolutions

So here we are at that time again where the holidays are behind us and a new year is freshly upon us. With seemingly endless possibilities of the goals and tasks that we would like to set for ourselves, we begin to make resolutions, hoping that this year will be the year that we succeed at or complete a few of them.

But why not focus on something that is more attainable in a shorter period? Sure, buying that sailboat or starting your own business are awesome goals, but haven’t you been “resolving” to do those things for several years now? We thought so. That’s why we here at Scout & Molly’s thought it would be more productive to put together a list of style and fashion resolutions that our friends and neighbors would actually enjoy keeping:

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Accessories are Necessary
From jewelry to fabrics to makeup, what you wear with what you wear is all the rage.

Shake Up Your Color Patterns
Go from dull and drab to bright and colorful.

Embrace Your Own Style (And Enjoy It)
Don’t let trends influence you. Decide what you love and show it to the whole world.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Whether it’s long sleeves or yoga pants, the new year brings new things to try.

Boldly Debut Yourself Every Day
No matter what, always know that you look your best and never let anyone change your mind.

To help you keep your fashion and style resolutions for the new year, your friends at Scout & Molly’s Boutique are always here and ready to help. Whether it’s finding the perfect accessory to the perfect outfit, or looking for a whole new wardrobe from scratch, just come see us at 280 East Basse Road, Suite 107, in San Antonio. You can also reach us by phone if you would like to speak with us before stopping by. Our store number is 210-598-0067.

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