4 Steps to Nailing Women’s Casual Chic Style

We are the first ones to say it. We are huge fans of casual chic. This may be because we love wearing jeans to the office, but we’re not going to say. Casual chic is the perfect look for a great office Friday, brunch with friends, or that all-important first date after virtually dating for months. If you aren’t quite sure what casual chic is, or how to do it properly, we have some tips.

Casual Chic in Quarry Village

Start with the Perfect Pants

To really pull off the casual chic look, you’ll need some pants. We recommend a great pair of dressy jeans that fit you well. Also, you’ll need a pair of neutral-colored pants. Depending on your preferences, these pants could be black, brown, gray, navy, or tan. You may even opt for white during the spring and summer.

Then Match Up the Tops

Also, you’ll need some tees or tanks in cotton. These should be in a neutral palette as well, such as black, white, and gray. Throw in a good dressy business blouse, perhaps in a solid silk, a floral, or a stripe. You need a good tailored blazer and a cardigan to top off your look. Finally, be sure you have a maxi skirt in a neutral color as well. All of these pieces are neutral, so that you can mix and match them with bolder pieces.

Accessorize Yourself

With most of your accessories, you’ll want to go simple and neutral. You need neutral shoes, simple jewelry in gold, silver, or copper, and a couple of handbags to coordinate with your outfits.

Get Ready for Some Wow

Ready to draw some looks for your wardrobe? Time to add some wow pieces. You will use these wow pieces to add some bang to your outfit. Don’t overwhelm your outfit with a lot of pizzazz. Onepiece per outfit is enough. You may want to get a great handbag, a beautiful satin blouse, maybe a tank in a bold color, or some great shoes. These wow pieces will make you stand out as a casual chic look.

The casual-chic wardrobe is fun and easy to build on. Need some help? Let us know! Give Scout & Molly’s Quarry Village a call at 210-598-0067 or come by and see us at 280 E Basse Road in San Antonio.

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