Quick Outfit Layering Tips

When it comes to making a bold fashion statement, your choices are truly endless! Putting together a fantastic outfit takes little more than a few helpful tips to have you sporting a chic and confident look. Since the weather plays a large role when choosing appropriate attire, you must always take this factor into consideration. When the weather is generally predictable it isn’t too difficult to know which clothing to select; however, during the changing of seasons it can be particularly troublesome when deciding what to wear. Layering garments is a great way to solve this dilemma while creating unique and flattering ensembles. Below are four fashion tips that make for terrific layering ideas.

Master the Mix

Pairing various textures and patterns of fabric is not only fun, but also creates an interesting and alluring style.

Play with Proportion

Lightweight, form-fitting pieces go hand-in-hand with bulky, loosely-fitting items. Opposites really do attract!

Be Color Confident

Don’t be afraid to color your world! Have fun exploring with a spectrum of colors. You may be surprised to find that a color you haven’t worn before looks phenomenal on you.

Own the Monotone

Why not try various shades of one particular color from head to toe and own this smart, pulled-together look.

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