How to Go A Little Bit Boho This Spring

Bohemian style is breezy, airy, and light, perfect for the spring. Boho style is also always evolving and on trend. Here’s how to go a little bit boho this spring:

Yellow Boho Dress San Antonio

Add fluid silhouettes to your spring wardrobe. The bohemian style is all about loose and lightweight pieces that flow beautifully in the breeze. Look for airy dresses and maxi skirts. You can wear a boho maxi dress on its own, or you can wear a blazer overtop for a more professional and edgy look.

The boho style is romantic, so seek pieces made from soft fabrics. Sheer, draping fabrics can elevate your spring wardrobe. Opt for pastel or muted colors when shopping for a bohemian wardrobe as well.

Maybe you want to try bohemian style, but you’re afraid of drifting from your comfort zone. An easy way to try boho fashion for yourself is adding textured pieces in your favorite colors to your closet. Boho style is all about textures, including mesh, embroidery, and knitwear.

Now if you love to play with color, add some impactful prints to your spring wardrobe. Outsized floral and color-heavy prints are very boho. Pick an all-over print dress, or tone things down by pairing a pair of printed pants with a neutral-color top.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize. Something as simple as a straw hat or a woven bag can take any ordinary spring outfit and transform it into a boho chic look.

To incorporate more boho pieces into your spring wardrobe, shop with Scout & Molly’s Boutique. Find our Quarry Village location at 280 E Basse Road, Suite 107, in San Antonio.

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