Dress Your Best for Your Body Shape with These Tips!

No two bodies are exactly the same. With that being said, certain articles of clothing can fit various body shapes in different ways. While all body shapes can wear all types of clothing, some people may prefer to wear certain clothing depending on their shape. Here are some ways you can dress for your body shape.

Dress Your Best for Your Body Shape

The first step of dressing for your body shape is learning which body shape is most similar to your own. The five main female body shapes are round, pear, inverted triangle, rectangular, and hourglass. Those with a round body shape have similar chest, waist, and hip measurements, which are wider than the shoulders. The pear body shape has a wider hip measurement than the chest and waist, while the inverted triangle body shape has a wider chest than the waist and hip. The rectangular body shape also has a similar chest, waist, and hip measurement, but these measurements are more in line with the shoulders. Finally, the hourglass body shape has a similar chest and hip measurement with a narrower waist.

If you identify with the round body shape, you may prefer to highlight your chest with scoop or v-neck tops. You may also want to define your waist with wrapped or ruched dresses. Up next is the pear body shape. If you think this is your body shape, you may want to balance out your wider hips by highlighting your top half. Tops with bold shoulders or ruffles along the neckline may suit you.

If you have an inverted triangle body shape, fit-and-flare skirts and dresses can help you feel more balanced and feminine. The same goes for the rectangle body shape. However, the rectangle body shape may also want to bring attention to their top half with bows, ruffles, or statement collars. For those with an hourglass body shape, you might want to accentuate your waist with belted outfits or peplum dresses.

Try out these styles for yourself to experiment with silhouettes and learn more about your body shape. To upgrade your wardrobe, visit Scout & Molly’s Boutique at Quarry Village. You can find us located at 280 E Basse Road, Suite 107, in San Antonio!

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