Rock Your Summer Style with Scout & Molly’s

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to prepare your summer wardrobe. With warmer weather comes new fashions and styles to try. Rock your summer style with Scout & Molly’s.

Summer is the most carefree time of the year. Use that as an excuse to experiment with your style. You can try new colors, patterns, shapes, and silhouettes during the summertime to expand your personal style and feel more comfortable in the way you dress. After all, style is a way of expressing yourself!

Blue Dress from Scout & Molly's

First, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. On the hottest days of the year, you don’t want to overheat because you’re wearing knits or wool. Pick lightweight fabrics for your summer clothes, such as cotton or linen.

You also want to lean towards lighter colors, as light colors reflect sunlight, keeping your body cool. White is the best summertime neutral, so pair some white basics with pastel statement pieces to experiment with your style.

In addition to wearing the right fabrics and colors, you also want to pick the correct fit. Easy-fitting and flowy silhouettes are the way to go. Fitted clothing can make you uncomfortable in the hot heat. A flowy maxi skirt or breezy blouse can help you stay cool, while also helping you achieve a carefree summer look that is perfect for a picnic or walk in the park.

If you’re comfortable showing some skin, summer is the time to do it. Showing more skin can help you stay cool when the temperature rises. Plus, showing skin can help you play with new silhouettes and shapes. If you’ve never tried wearing midi or mini skirts, give these shorter skirts a whirl in the summertime. You can also play with different necklines when shopping for tops to find the most flattering and comfortable styles for your body.

Flirty Skirt and Denim Jacket Scout & Molly's

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns this summer. Try picking out bold print dresses or skirts when shopping for summer outfits. If you’re not comfortable wearing bold prints on clothing, start off slow and shop for printed belts, jewelry, or handbags to incorporate more excitement into your outfits.

Follow these tips to enhance your wardrobe for the summer. You can shop with Scout & Molly’s Boutique at 280 E. Basse Road Suite 107 in San Antonio, to rock your summer style.

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