Check Out Our New Mauritius Jackets

Check out these outstanding new Mauritius jackets at Scout & Molly’s!

If you’re a stylish lady looking for a premium leather jacket, then this is the right fit for you. We’ll show you why we like Mauritius leather so much and preview our exciting new selection.

Mauritius Jacket

Mauritius Leather – The Best Leather Jacket for Women

Mauritius is a 47-year-old company based in Lingen, Germany, and the world’s largest manufacturer of leather jackets. They prefer to work with small boutique businesses like Scout & Molly’s, but have an influence all over the world now. Their goal is to become the world’s largest leather jacket exporter, and they’re well on their way.

What popular styles do they carry? Their favorite is the Sophia4, available in eight different colors, but they also make a jacket called Wild. If you’ve ever seen one with stars, dip-dye, or peace signs, chances are you were looking at a jacket from Mauritius.

They pay terrific attention to the quality of their materials, especially regarding health and environmental impact. They prefer to use plant-dyed material rather than chromium in order to avoid the harmful effects of carcinogens and pollution. Vegetable tanning, their method of choice, is safer to wear, and doesn’t pollute the waterways.

Mauritius jackets are not mere outerwear, either. This is important to remember because their jackets are a lot more form fitting because they work more like a lighter coat or cardigan rather than a bulky jacket with extra room. Baggy is definitely not in style right now, which is why they emphasize precise fits with categories like Euro, Regular, and Comfort. Those correspond very well to size and shape preferences.

Mauritius Jackets at Scout & Molly’s

We are so excited to be carrying these amazing Mauritius jackets, including:

  • The Christy (in either black or red)
  • The Rita (solid black)
  • The Zoe (fringe cognac)

We have plenty of other splendid clothing items that would match well with the Mauritius leather. You might complement your new jacket with one of our accessory items like this Leather Clutch from German Fuentes. We have so many clothing and accessory options in our extensive shopping catalog.

Scout & Molly’s is the best women’s clothing store in the San Antonio area. If you can’t find something you like, we’re happy to offer suggestions. If you’d like to know more about our incoming Mauritius items, contact us at 210-598-0067.

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