2018 Haute Couture for Your European Vacation

2018 Haute Couture for Your European Vacation

A European vacation is a great chance to explore historic cities, relax on luxurious beaches, or cruise the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. If you’re a fashion fanatic, there’s another big benefit. You’ll get the chance to borrow from the locals and employ a few European style tricks as you build the perfect vacation wardrobe! Not sure what those style tricks are? Keep reading to learn how to choose vacation outfits inspired by what the locals wear to keep from standing out as a tourist no matter where in Europe you’re headed!

Leave the Baggy Tees at Home

Leave the Baggy Tees at Home

The printed shorts by Dex Clothing

While oversized-everything seems to be on trend in the U.S. (broad-shouldered jackets are even rumored to be coming back in style this fall), tailored fits are preferred in much of Europe. Especially in Paris, clothing that fits your body well is the norm. This doesn’t mean that all of your vacation outfits need to feature skin-tight pieces. Instead, opt for pieces with a defined waist, and if you choose to wear something loose fitting like a flowing dress, make sure to buy in your size.

A few easy outfits for faking a tailored look with your vacation outfits are high-waisted shorts with a tucked in tank or beach vacation dresses with a defined waist. The cinched waist of these printed shorts by Dex Clothing define your waist and accent your figure when paired with a tucked tee or tank. For dinner out, look for options like this 3/4 length knit dress by Clara Sunwoo. The cut subtly hugs your curves to give you an elegant shape and a polished look.

Swap a Tailored Purse for an Oversized Bag

How can you quickly spot the tourists in a European city? By the oversized bags and backpacks, they’re carrying. You won’t see many locals toting anything that big. To mimic this style trend, skip the big beach bag or leather tote for smaller, structured purses. Trendy straw bags are still a great choice, just as long as they’re purse-sized rather than totes. While you may not be able to fit as much in a smaller bag, this also means less weight to carry when sightseeing or heading to the beach!

Keep the Tennis Shoes on the Court

Borrowing on Euro-Style Trends for Your Vacation Wardrobe

Button Down Sleeveless Dress by Dex Clothing

While your tennis shoes or jogging pants might seem like comfortable attire for walking and exploring, they’ll also leave you looking a little out of place. That’s because Europeans aren’t enjoying the same athleisure boom that we are in the States. If you see a local out and about in clothing that looks ready for the gym, that’s likely where they are headed. Clothing that is worn for its purpose and only for that purpose is the norm. While there will always be exceptions, save your tennis shoes and moisture-wicking layers in your gym bag if you want to look like a local.

To stick to this style rule, you’ll instead want to shop for items that are comfortable and cute. Dresses in lightweight fabrics and trendy patterned shorts in loose fits paired with simple tees or tanks are always great options. Dex Clothing made this Button Down Sleeveless Dress that features lightweight fabric and a cut that will keep you cool and comfortable no matter where you go.

Borrowing on Euro-Style Trends for Your Vacation Wardrobe

Whether you’re looking for outfits for the beach for your Mediterranean cruise or vacation styles for exploring a historic city, these style tips can help you blend with the locals and avoid standing out as a tourist. Are you ready to start shopping for pieces to build the perfect vacation outfits for your trip? Visit our Reston boutique to shop our selection today!


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