How to Layer Your Clothes This Fall Season

Nobody knows your sense of style better than you, and if you have a passion for trends and fashion you already know how to transfer your taste from summer into fall. That’s not what this post is about. Instead, it’s focused on giving you tips on how to best combine different layers in your autumn outfits. So grab your favorite colors, prints, and cuts, and learn how you build each layer to look incredible and keep you warm.

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Your basic layer should be the lightest. Though it lays the foundation for the rest of the outfit, the bottom layer isn’t concerned as much with keeping you warm. If you find yourself getting too warm indoors, it helps to keep the bottom layer light so that you can remove everything else above it and still be comfortable. Because of this, you’ll still want to coordinate the visuals, but keep in mind it should be form-fitting, too. If it’s too loose and can create an uneven appearance visible through other layers.

Your middle layer (or layers) can be more β€œopen” than the rest. By this, we mean open shirts, lower cuts, shorter sleeves, or open shorts. This is most ideal for a casual look, and to a degree may dictate the outermost layer (for example, if you’re going for an unbuttoned dress shirt, it doesn’t make sense to wear a buttoned-up coat over it). Using the middle layer to expose parts of the basic layer allows you to play with unique color combinations. Plus it means you can keep those summer clothes in rotation for a little longer.

The outer layer is the heaviest and brings everything together. We recommend coats over heavy sweaters, if only because you can leave them open to show off the layers beneath. Though this layer is essentially limited to your outerwear, you can customize it with simple accessories like scarves.

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