Mixing Your Summer and Winter Wardrobes

These days, the lines of fashion are constantly getting crossed with rules being broken all over the place. People are wearing white pants after Labor Day. It is now ok to wear tights with open-toed heels and even slides. It is chaos. And it is beautiful.

One of the most interesting changes has got to be with crossover fashion between seasons. Winter and summer are particularly interesting here and below are a few tips on how to combine these polar opposites for fashion masterpieces.

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Throw a jacket on it

It is totally awesome how the right jacket can change your outfit. If you have a certain summer top or dress you really don’t want to suffer alone in your closet during winter you can use this tip to make it cold weather-friendly.

Trade your sandals in for some booties

Boots are a winter staple and they not only look great but also keep you from, you know, freezing. They are particularly handy if you want to still wear jeans or dresses from your summer wardrobe.

Liven things up with some color and patterns

Winter fashion can be very bland and icy (pun very much intended). It is defined by muted tones of white, grey, black and dark blues which quite frankly can get monotonous. Spice things up with your summer patterns including floral print scarfs and colorful accessories.

Get playful with your tights

Tights are a great way to turn summer pieces into winter-friendly outfits. They are also a great way to liven up your Winter Queen look. So go wild whether you want fishnet designs, floral and animal prints or even neon colors.

At Scout & Molly’s Reston Town Center, we have all you will need to successfully mix your winter and summer wardrobe for a perfect blend. Whether it is layering pieces, the perfect shoe or unique accessories you will find it all here. Visit us today at 11944 Market Street in Reston and get on the right side of fashion history.

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