4 Steps to Nailing Women’s Casual Chic Style

Casual chic is a great look for casual Fridays at the office or a great first date. If you aren’t sure what casual chic is, you may be a little nervous about trying out the look. Here are our tips for trying the casual chic look.

Summer Work Outfit

Be Sure the Basics Are There

There are staples you will need to have in order to wear that casual chic look. First, you need a great pair of dress jeans. You also need a pair of slacks in a neutral color, such as black, khaki or navy. You need a couple of cotton tanks or tees, and a chic business blouse, such as a gray silk blouse. Don’t forget to include a tailored blazer as well. You also need a cardigan, perhaps in a jewel tone. Also, be sure that you have a maxi skirt in a neutral color as well. This allows you to mix and match your basics.

Add Some Accessories

A casual-chic wardrobe is put together with the help of shoes and accessories. Be sure you include some neutral shoes, jewelry and a handbag. That way, your accessories can blend in with each outfit.

Don’t Forget the Pop

One way to draw attention to your casual chic wardrobe is by having one piece with some pop. Be sure that you don’t mix all of your poppy pieces in one outfit. Pair your neutral wardrobe with an amazing multicolored purse, or a floral blouse or tank. Have some amazing shoes in different shades of blue? This is the time to wear them.

Little Details Matter

Something as simple as your earrings or the color of your nails can make your look complete. Make sure you consider all the tiny details if you want to truly nail casual chic this year!

The casual-chic wardrobe is easy to do, once you know the basics. Need some help nailing the casual chic look? We can help. Give Scout & Molly’s Southlake a call at 682-477-4082 or come by and see us at 1232 Main Street in Southlake.

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