Easy Ways to Layer This Season

Fall is the season of layering. Fall fashion is all about pairing eye-catching pieces together. If you want to stay warm and stylish this fall, check out these easy ways to layer this season:

Fall Fashion

The first step when layering is picking the base layer. What look are you going for? If you want something bold, try contrasting prints. Pick a patterned base layer, like an animal print dress, and layer a flannel over this dress. The bold contrast of patterns may seem like a lot, but this trend can look stylish and effortless when done right. Neutralize the outfit with plain black or brown accessories.

If you’re seeking something more crisp and cozy, pick a simple base layer like a solid button-down shirt. Pair this shirt with a leather midi-length skirt to add some texture to your outfit. Then, layer a cardigan sweater over the look to neutralize it. To add more texture to our outfit, wear some snake print boots.

Hemlines are important to consider when putting together a layered outfit. You don’t want your outfit to look too bulky so it’s key that all of the clothing you’re layering has a hemline that hits at a different part of your body. For example, pair some mid-rise jeans with a long-line flannel and wear a cropped sweater vest on top. Each piece hits at a different part of your body so there’s no unflattering bulk in any areas. Instead, everything looks smooth and streamlined.

Now that you know how to layer for fall, you’re ready to shop the latest fall trends. Discover fall pieces at Scout & Molly’s Boutique. Our Southlake location is at 1232 Main Street!

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