Fall’s Top Fashion Trends

There is nothing like a fabulous fall season. The air becomes cooler and drier–relatively speaking–and there are so many wonderful things to do in the fall, markets, fairs and festivals. However, while you may be ready for fall, we want to know if your wardrobe is ready for fall? If your wardrobe needs a refresher, we have some ideas for you.

Doe+Rae Easy Blaser

Fall Wardrobe Ideas

First, the trend this fall is for preppy and tailored: Jeans that fit well, paired with fall stripy sweaters, or perhaps a plaid blazer. Don’t forget to add a pair of loafers, and you’ve captured the preppy style. One of our favorite preppy accessories is a black purse with a little gold detail, such as gold links on the straps.

You might also want to move towards incorporating some fall neutrals into your wardrobe. Think about wearing a cozy cardigan in ivory or mocha. If you want your look to be classically neutral, you could wear all neutral pieces or add a pop of color in your shirt, purse, or shoes. A soft neutral blazer works well here too, and you may want to add a neutral purse as your fall go-to.

Just because the preppy look is in, doesn’t mean we’ve totally abandoned the romantic look of the 70s. In fact, fall florals are in this year in a big way. Consider a fall floral maxi-dress, or a lovely shirt with ruffles and poet sleeves in velvet. You may also want to look for romantic silhouettes with frilly sleeves or an asymmetrical hemline that flows grandly around you.

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