Get Dress-ed to Impress: How to Find Flattering Dresses

You can get “dress-ed” up without necessarily getting dressed up. Dresses are a timeless option in clothing for almost any occasion. They range from casual and flirty to sophisticated and formal. One perk of wearing a dress is that this one garment takes the guesswork out of having to select a coordinating two-piece outfit. Just as one size does not fit all, neither does one style of dress. Here are a few tips for choosing a dress that will work with your specific body type so you can be the most flattering YOU.

Long Dress from Texas Boutique

Hourglass Figure

The key is to maintain proportion regarding your curves. Focus on your waistline by wearing form-fitting dresses. Material that has stretch to it will flatter all your curves and offer comfort as well. A dress that hugs your body will accentuate your silhouette and give you the utmost flattering look.

Oval Figure

The goal for an oval figure is to lengthen your physique. This can be attained by wearing fabric that has movement to it, rather than being snug-fitting. Dresses that reach mid-calf and create seemingly higher waistlines are excellent choices for an oval figure.

Rectangle Figure

It is important to choose dresses that define your waistline if you have a rectangular body type. The waistline can appear narrowed if the dress is fitted at the waistline more than other areas of the garment. Look for dimension in the material by way of ruffles and bounce above and below the waist to create a figure-eight frame.

Triangle Figure

The objective with a triangle figure is to focus concentration on the top portion of your body. A-line designs are fantastic for giving your silhouette a continuous and sleek flow. Also, select dresses that have embellished, eye-catching top portions to bring attention upward where you want it.

Inverted Triangle Figure

Long-length dresses that are gathered are superb if you have an inverted triangle figure. By elongating the upper part of the body and adding magnitude to the lower portion, an overall balance comes to light.

With a wardrobe of dresses for every season, you may sadly realize that you only wear each dress a handful of times throughout the year. There is a simple solution to this dilemma: SWEATERS! Have fun creating looks that will warm you up by wearing sweaters over dresses. Make certain that the sweaters and dresses you pair together are harmonious matches and don’t clash with one another. Depending on the sweater you choose along with various accessories, you can easily dress up or dress down your entire look.

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