Guide to Styling Women’s Shorts

When the warm weather hits, shorts are the go-to bottoms in your closet. Shorts can be the unexpected star of your outfits when you style them right. Read on for a guide to styling women’s shorts.

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You likely already own a pair of denim shorts. You may style these shorts with a T-shirt and some sneakers, just like you would denim jeans. However, you can take denim shorts to the next level for an elevated and fashionable look. Consider switching out a T-shirt or tank top for a breezy white button-down shirt and some sneakers. This outfit combines casual pieces with elegant pieces for a well balanced and stylish look.

Another type of short you may have welcomed into your wardrobe is the trouser short. A trouser short is a sophisticated garment that can elevate your summer wardrobe. Pair your trouser shorts with a matching tank top. Then, accessorize with some menswear-inspired accessories, such as belts, shoes, and blazers.

Chino shorts are yet another type of shorts that are popular during the spring and summer. Chino shorts come in neutral colors, but some are available in more bright and bold options. Pair your chino shorts with a polo shirt that compliments the color scheme. Adding a denim jacket with rolled-up sleeves can help the outfit appear more casual for daily wear.

One of the best summer fabrics is linen. This is because linen is lightweight and breezy, helping you stay cool. On the hottest days of the summer, reach for a pair of linen shorts. To style these shorts, play with texture. Consider a knit top or a lace top for an interesting contrast.

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