How to Style a Sweater Over a Dress

With a different season to deal with every 3 months, some of our favorite clothes don’t get enough use. What about the perfect sunflower dress that you never seem to get more than two wears out of? Or the one that you would love to be able to debut at a certain event but the weather is going to be a little cold?

Well, with the proper sweater, anything is possible. Since there are so many styles, lengths, colors and other options to choose from, you can create any number of stunning outfits.

Leopard Sweater over Dress

Make Sure You Choose the Right Dress and Sweater

The fact that you have so many choices means you also have a lot of things that won’t look good together. Even other accessories like shoes or boots might clash with one or both.

Use a Belt for Waist Definition

Belts are becoming very trendy and they offer a wide and diverse set of options. They also just happen to look great with cardigans and other types of light sweaters.

Sweaters Can Completely Change the Function of the Dress

The right sweater can convert a glamorous dress into a professional dress when paired by a style-savvy consultant.

Don’t Forget the Jacket and Accessories

Just as you have to do with the footwear, make sure the jacket or coat you wear also compliments the rest of what you’re wearing. Also, scarves, gloves, and headwear should all be considered when deciding on your ultimate ensemble.

To learn more about how sweaters and dresses can be used to create fun and versatile outfits, visit the fashionistas here at Scout & Molly’s Boutique. We can offer suggestions on what colors and styles might look best on you, as well as help you find the perfect match. Come visit us anytime at 1232 Main Street in Southlake. We can also help you over the phone at 682-477-4082.

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