The Best Styles of Dress for Each Body Type

Figuring out how to dress for your body type is a great way to determine the clothing and styles that work best for you. Regardless of if you want to find more fashionable and professional looks for the office or are planning on attending a formal event, these tips will help you select the dress that fits your body shape and style.

If you have an hourglass shape, dresses that accentuate your figure are best. You can wear a belt to bring more attention to your defined waistline and even select dresses that have a lower bust line for a more daring look. Dresses that fall just below the knee are also flattering, since they make your legs look longer.

If you’ve got a rectangular shaped body, then you can wear just about anything. Pencil skirts can provide a more defined waist, while dresses with a low neckline can draw attention to your bust. Avoid dresses that are too wide or flow-y, since they take definition away from your figure.

If you’re an apple shape, you’re bigger on top than on the bottom, so mod-style dresses are perfect. These dresses have extra room in the midsection and bring attention to your legs. Dresses with a high-low skirt are also ideal, since they’re fitted at the top and have a high waistline while still showing off your legs.

For pear-shaped figures, fuller skirts and tighter tops are the way to go. Since the bottom half of your body is bigger than the top, dress with ornate collars that shift the focus to the top half of your body. If you want to wear a figure-fitting skirt, wear a belt to define your waistline and ensure that the top of the dress is fitted as well.

For incredible styles that are sure to flatter your figure, check out our Southlake boutique. We’ve got pieces that flatter various body types and can give you the confidence you need for your next event. No matter your body shape or personal tastes, Scout & Molly’s is here to provide the personalized shopping experience you deserve.

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