Upgrade Your 2020 Wardrobe with 5 Simple Steps

The New Year is here, so it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe . Doing so can be easy when you follow a few simple steps. For five simple steps to upgrade your 2020 wardrobe, read on.

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The first step in revamping your closet is decluttering. Go through every item you have in your wardrobe and get rid of the pieces you don’t wear. This way, you can make room for new pieces that you will get a lot of wear out of.

Next, treat your pieces the way you would like to be treated. To get the most wear possible out of your clothing, care for each individual piece the way the clothing should be cared for. If a tag reads “dry clean only,” take it to the dry cleaner. If a piece needs to be hung-dried, hang it up to dry instead of tossing it in the dryer.

Once you’ve narrowed down your closet to your favorite pieces and you’ve begun maintaining each piece with care, you can start to expand your wardrobe. Seek new clothing that causes you to step out of your comfort zone. By experimenting with new styles, you can find a style all your own. Don’t be afraid to be bold and brave when selecting new wardrobe pieces.

After selecting new pieces to add to your wardrobe, mix and match to make like new. The clothing you already have in your closet doesn’t have to feel old or out-dated. Pair old basics with new statement pieces and vise versa to expand your wardrobe and get the most wear out of all of your clothing.

Finally, forget past fashion faux pas. There’s no such thing as a “fashion don’t.” If you want to wear denim on denim or wear white after Labor Day, go for it. Express yourself the way you want to become your own style icon.

You can upgrade your 2020 wardrobe at Scout & Molly’s Boutique! Visit our Southlake location at 1232 Main Street in Southlake soon.

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