Your Valentines Day Fashion Tips

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner and quickly approaching, I have some ideas on fashion designs because V- Day will be here before you know it! Whether you live in a large city like Houston or a small city like Southlake, preparations are needed to make this special day go as smooth as expected. Now, if you ask me; what I’m wearing is probably the most important piece of preparing for Valentine’s Day. I want the perfect look for the occasion and when it comes to women’s clothing and accessories there are so many options to choose from.

We have adorable fitted skirts by I Love Tyler Madison and cute silk tops by Shop Sofia like the ones pictured above. We suggest a deep red like the one here to stay in theme with Valentine’s Day shenanigans.

You can also opt for some of these Black Orchid Denim studded jeans, paired here with a Sofia Silk Button up blouse. Throw on some sultry heels and you’re ready for a night out on the town with your loved one.

Now if the weather is a little cooler than expected you can also go for one of our Kerisma or Sanctuary sweaters and pair it with some denim jeans. You can also bring this outfit out by wearing either boots, heels, or a cute pair of flats; totally your choice!

Throw on some makeup and accessories and there you have it! I believe Valentine’s Day can be as simple as you make it. I hope these tips were helpful!

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