If you are anything like us, chances are that you have more events, parties, and get-togethers to attend this year than you would even care to think about. Between the hustling and running around that one has to do to not only take care of their normal chores and errands, but then everything that they have to add to it because of the holidays, and then on top of that you throw in countless social gatherings to attend and it all just gets to be a bit much.

Joseph Ribkoff Dress

Here at Scout & Molly’s, we also know that what to wear is also something else that nobody likes to admit they think about. For some people, it is even an admitted source of anxiety. To help get you through this fashion crisis known as the holiday season, we have come up with a simple help guide for your various occasions this winter:

1. A Sweater-that-Makes-a-Statement-Party
Be honest, we all love a sweater party. This is the time to opt for the boldest and outrageous pattern you can think of!

2. A Black Tie Affair
A neutral dress with strapped heels is always in season at these events.

3. A Dinner Party
Casual yet elegant is the ticket here, and that can be accomplished with leather pants coupled with an airy top.

4. An Office Party
A work-to-party transitional look is what works best here. Any statement pattern accessorized properly and with one added splash of color usually goes over great at these gatherings.

So if you want to show up to every holiday event this season looking and feeling your best, then come visit Scout & Molly’s Boutique in the Specialty Shops SouthPark district. Our address is 6401 Morrison Blvd, #4-C, in Charlotte. You can also reach us by phone if that is more convenient for you. Simply dial 980-237-8424 and one of our friendly staff members will help you with whatever it is that you may need!

Posted on December 17th, 2019