There is no better time to wear a skirt than during the summer. Skirts look so wonderful on, blowing around in the summer breeze, and they make any summer outfit pop. Best of all, summer skirts act as natural air conditioning, keeping your legs cooler than they would be in pants. If you’re not sure how to style all of those summer skirts, we’ve got some tips for you, so keep reading.

Mini Skirt in Charlotte


We have to say, a midi skirt–halfway between a miniskirt and a full-length skirt– is our favorite. We love the midi. You can wear the midi with a boxy jacket, a great pair of sandals, or an oversized shirt. Midis are great no matter how tall or how short you are, and for petite women, they’re perfect.


We love the mini-skirt too because it is available in so many fun fabrics. If you are tall and leggy, it is a perfect skirt for you. Petite women love a mini as well. To get the best looks out of a mini, you can pair it with a shirt with puffy sleeves, or a t-shirt with a blazer, and you’re ready to go. Minis look great with some strappy sandals as well, or even a nice heel.


Maxi skirts are the best thing in the world in the summer, especially if you are a tall woman who can carry all of that material. Pair it with a tank top, and you’re set for work. A simple t-shirt works too, especially if you roll the sleeves up 50s style.

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Posted on July 20th, 2020