Best Shoes to Wear with a Jumpsuit

We’re not going to lie; we love a jumpsuit. There are so many different types of jumpsuits, it might be difficult to decide which shoes to wear with the jumpsuit. Here are some tips.

Jumpsuit in SouthPark

Wide Leg Jumpsuits

If you are wearing a jumpsuit with any type of wide-leg, you can wear a wedge. Jumpsuits with wide legs are great with wedges. When a jumpsuit has wide legs, you can get a gorgeous wedge to pair with it, because the fabric won’t bunch on the wedge. If you pair a cardigan and a casual purse with the jumpsuit, you’re set for the day.

Cropped, Loose Fit Jumpsuits

Usually, these jumpsuits are all one color, and they are meant to be worn casually. If you’re wearing a loose fit jumpsuit, why not pair it with tennis shoes? That way, you can go with a bold accessory, such as your jewelry or a large bag in a great pattern.

Tapered or Straight Leg Jumpsuits

Many women wear these jumpsuits to work in. Often, they are paired with a tailored blazer to round out the office look. A great pair of flats would be perfect with these jumpsuits because of the tapered or straight leg. You don’t want to wear wedges or high heels as they could get caught in the jumpsuit fabric. This would be a great outfit to wear some sparkly jewelry, either on the neckline or on your ears.

Slim Leg Jumpsuits

Ready for a little more formal wear? There are formal jumpsuits suitable for a date or a dressy occasion at work. If you have a slim leg jumpsuit, you can pair it with a heel or a heeled sandal to show off those painted toes. You can go a little brighter with your accessories for the evening, such as a glittery purse or wrap.

If you need some help picking out a new jumpsuit–or new shoes for that matter–you can give Scout & Molly’s SouthPark a call at 980-237-8424. You can also come and see us at 6401 Morrison Boulevard #4-C in Charlotte.

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