Learn How to Layer for Fall and Still Look Stylish!

If you want to look stylish in the fall, layering is a must: it’s the best way to combine multiple visuals while still keeping nice and warm when the temperature drops. There are some simple guidelines on how to best layer different articles of clothing to maintain a uniform appearance, but in this post, we’d like to cast a light on some of the more abstract tips you can use to bring your look to life. Take a look and see what works for you!

Fall Season at Scout & Molly's

You can use more than three layers. The most basic guides advise using only three layers total: the basic (or bottom-most), the middle, and the outer layer. However, it’s perfectly viable to wear more than three. Specifically, adding multiple lightweight layers between the basic and outer layers is fine so long as the complete outfit doesn’t become too bulky as a result.

Match every piece with each other, not just the layer it’s in. The beauty of layering is that you can remove articles of clothing to cool down and still have a full outfit. However, you want to make sure that each possible combination works well with each other in a pleasant way. It’s easier to achieve this if every layer has a similar visual theme and if printed clothing is avoided.

Utilize outerwear that can be opened. The outermost layer should always be the heaviest clothes in the outfit, which usually means coats and jackets. They are a better option than heavy sweaters because you can more easily remove them if need be or leave them open to cool down quickly. A nice big coat can be the defining element that brings an outfit together.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your layers! Scout & Molly’s Boutique has an ever-growing collection of pieces that would be perfect for your wardrobe, any time of year. Check us out at Specialty Shops SouthPark – 6401 Morrison Blvd #4-C in Charlotte.

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