The Best Styles of Dress for Each Body Type

Fashion trends are always changing. As such, it may be challenging for you to figure out which dresses look best on your body. Don’t worry! The staff at our Southpark boutique have put together this simple guide to help you find the perfect dress for your figure, no matter the occasion.

If you have a pear-shaped body, your hips are likely larger than your bust. Your buttocks and hips are the most noticeable part of your body. To draw attention away from the bottom half of your body, opt for patterned tops, V necks and bell sleeves. A-line dresses and skirts are also flattering for women with this body type. You can also complete an outfit with a dress or top that features an embellished neckline to bring more attention to your upper body. If you want to wear a blazer or jacket with your outfit, princess-cut and waist-length blazers are best.

For hourglass shapes, form-fitting dresses are ideal, since your body is pretty proportioned. Wrap dresses are best for hourglass shapes and they bring attention to your defined waistline. Empire dresses are also beautiful on hourglass figures since they show off your waist. Of course, you can always select a pencil dress with cap sleeves to show off your body’s proportions.

If you have an apple-shaped body, your shoulders are broader than your hips. Maxi dresses with a low neckline and strapless dresses with a full skirt are ideal for your figure. You can also wear patterned wrap dresses to make your body look more proportioned. Just be sure to wear a camisole underneath to avoid showing too much cleavage if desired.

For rectangular or athletic builds, choose dresses with stand-out designs around the shoulders and bust. Wearing pencil dresses that fall just below the knees can also give the illusion of a curvier figure. Longer dresses with scoop necks also help you look fuller up top and add definition to the bottom half of your body.

No matter your body type, Scout & Molly’s Boutique of Southpark has all the dress styles you need to prepare for your next event. Regardless of which parts of your body you want to show off, you’ll find the clothing and accessories you need to look and feel your best.

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