Top Trends You’ll Love to Wear at Home

Boutique Joggers SouthPark

Many of us are spending more time at home than usual. If you are finding yourself at home, but you still want to dress fashionably, there are several different outfits you can consider. Here are the top trends you’ll love to wear at home:

Boutique Joggers SouthPark

Remember tie-dying shirts at summer camp? Well, tie-dye is back on trend. You can find a lot of tie-dye pieces that are trendy and sophisticated for the summer, no matter your age. You can also spend your time indoors crafting up your own tie-dye pieces.

When spending time indoors during the summer, you may have family members or roommates who like turning up the air conditioner. A cable knit sweater can keep you warm and cozy when spending time at home in an air-conditioned space.

Who says a T-shirt can’t elevate an outfit? If you find yourself wearing T-shirts and sweats every day, take your look to the next level with a leopard print T-shirt. Leopard print anything makes a statement, so why not stay comfortable while also expressing your personal style? Leopard print is here to stay, so stock up on a leopard print T-shirt or two.

Working from home? If you’re participating in video chat conferences, you want professional tops that are also comfortable. A breezy button-down is the perfect choice. To elevate your look even more, consider tossing on a blazer. Just make sure you top and blazer are solid colors, as patterns can look overwhelming through a computer screen.

Tie front shirts can take a casual look to the next level. Even if you are wearing a tie front shirt with a pair of sweatpants or jeans, you can look fashion-forward and stylish. Tie front shirts are available as T-shirts and button-downs.

You can find these trends and many more at Scout & Molly’s Boutique. Check out our South Park location in Charlotte, located at 6401 Morrison Blvd #4-C!

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