Your Holiday Party Survival Guide!

When the end of December is near, it doesn’t only mean that Christmas is coming. It means all those holiday parties are creeping up on you and you still need to find an outfit!

Lucky for you, Scout & Molly’s South Park has everything you need this wintry season to be the best-dressed gal around. We call it our Holiday Survival Guide and it has definitely helped a few of us through an outfit crisis or two.

This holiday season, we’ve reached into our big Santa bag of goodies and hand-plucked some killer items that we know you’ll love! And even better, we’re going to show you how to wear them.

Among these fabulous picks is the Bah Humbug faded tee, Black Orchid Denim jeans, and a Joseph Ribkoff bandage skirt.

From an ordinary person’s perspective, these pieces may seem like they’d never work together. But at Scout & Molly’s, our shoppers are more than ordinary; they’re extraordinary! We know the fashionista in you is already working out some outfit combinations in your head and we’re here to give you some ideas as well:

  • Say “Bah Humbug” to the Scrooges with our quirky heather grey sweater. Combined with a comfy pair of Orchid Denim Jeans in Nightfever, some black heels, and a few colored bangles, you’re ready to rock the night with a super fun and casual look.
  • If you’ve got a “friends-only” event where it’s okay to mix it up a little, try this sweater with our black bandage skirt! This look works with heels or flats, or if you’re feeling really funky, a cool pair of sneakers to juxtapose the elegance of the skirt.
  • Need a more structured look for that office gathering? Tuck a sheer black collared blouse into the front of your bandage skirt, pair with patterned tights and sparkly flats, and you’re looking stylish yet office-appropriate.  

Scout & Molly’s South Park is here for you this season! Visit us today and let us help you find your best holiday party look.

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