Best Couples Costumes for Halloween

Are you still not sure what to wear for Halloween this year? Don’t panic! I’ve put together a list of the best couples costumes inspired by pop culture that won’t take weeks of planning or require you to purchase items you won’t use again in your daily wardrobe.

Danny & Sandy from Grease


What you’ll need to have everyone saying you’re the one that they want:

For Sandy, you’ll need a pair of shiny black leggings, a black off the shoulder top and a pair of red wedge heels or mules.
For Danny, you will need a pair of black skinny jeans, a slim-fitting black t-shirt and black shoes paired with white socks.

Johnny & Baby from Dirty Dancing


Nobody puts Baby in a corner and you’ll be sure to stand out with this classic couples Halloween costume.

What you’ll need:

For Baby, a simple pink dress with a flowing skirt and a pair of high heels.
For Johnny, Black shirt, black trousers, and black shoes.

Cher & Josh from Clueless


No one will be saying “Ugh, as if” to this classic couple.

What you’ll need:

To put together one of Cher’s capable outfits, you’ll need a tartan skirt and white shirt. Alternatively, opt for the classic look above with a lace top and lilac trousers.
For Josh, a simple plaid shirt and jeans are all you’ll need.

Vincent & Mia from Pulp Fiction


You’ll have everyone dancing with this classic look!

What You’ll Need

For Mia, all you’ll need is a white shirt, black pants and a black wig with bangs.
For Vincent, your partner in crime will only need a classic black suit and white shirt.

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Jessica Lapsia, Owner of Scout & Molly's Sugar Land

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