Little Black Dress Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the best holiday of the year! Why? Because it’s the perfect excuse to break out a little black dress and recreate my favorite looks from film and TV. Here is my list of some great Halloween costume ideas that you can recreate with black dresses from my shop:

Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles in Cabaret


Nothing gets the party started like a trip to the cabaret! To recreate this classic look, you can either go for a classic black flapper style dress or a more menswear-inspired look. Pair with a black bowler hat and your most sparkling jewelry. It’s a true show-stopping outfit for Halloween.

Jackie Onassis


Second only to Audrey Hepburn in the LBD style game is the one and only Jackie O. To recreate the look of this American style icon, you won’t need more than a black dress, simple makeup, and the classic Jackie O hair. For more advice on how to replicate the Jackie O look, take a look at this interview with Natalie Portman.

Morticia Addams


No pastels in sight here! To recreate the classic Morticia Addams look for Halloween, all you’ll need is a long-sleeved black dress and a bright red lip.

The Girls from The Craft


The 90s are back in full force and what could be a more powerful look for Halloween than going as the teenage witches from The Craft? To create this bewitching look, all you and your friends will need is your own little black dress with some lace detailing. I personally love this dress from our current selection.

Robert Palmer’s Band from the Addicted to Love Video


Another one of my favorite little black dress moments from pop culture is the band from the classic Robert Palmer video for Addicted to Love. If you’re going to a Halloween party with a few of your friends, this is a great group costume idea that will have everyone rocking along with you.

Looking for the Perfect Black Dress?

Stop by Scout & Molly’s Boutique in Sugar Land to check out our range of LBDs and for Halloween style tips from a personal stylist. Happy Halloween!

Jessica Lapsia, Owner of Scout & Molly's Sugar Land

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